Cicada Market

Shop local handicraft items at Hua Hin’s popular night market

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Cicada Market was created to connect artists, creators, designers, tourists, students and local community through integrating art and culture with lifestyle.

It is Hua Hin’s most popular openair weekend night market bustled with handmade art and craft products, clothing, collectible vintage and second hand items, and local SMEs products. The market also hosts several live music, performances, dance show and theaters as well as occasional exhibition and workshops from local community theatre and university students.

Expect a different experiences from the usual ‘tourist market’ with mass produced items that look the same everywhere.

Guests can enjoy an evening tasting local snacks and street food and shop for souvenirs and gifts to bring back home.

The market operating hours are Friday to Sunday from 4pm to 11pm. More information at

Round trip transportation for 2-3 people: THB 1,600.-
Round trip transportation for 4-10 people: THB 2,400.-


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*Mini van and pickup truck transportation price is round-trip and inclusive of 2 hours waiting time. Additional waiting time is charged at THB 200.- / hour.