Kui Buri National Park Elephant Reserve

Face to face with the wild elephants in their natural habitat

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Join Us on an Afternoon Trip to Kuiburi National Elephant Reserve was created by HM the King to provide a place for Wild Elephants to live undisturbed.

Kui Buri National Park is known to be the best place in Thailand to spot elephants and relatively good chance to spot gaurs, and that sometimes in big herds. Gaurs are the biggest cattle species and the fourth biggest land-mammal species in the world. Other possible sightings during the tours include sambar deer, banteng and wild boar.

The tour leaves from the resort at 2:30pm for a 1-hour ride to the Ranger’s Headquarters in the Reserve. From there Park Rangers will provide a tour on a 4-wheel drive pickup truck to observation points where guests can observe the elephants in at their watering holes.

For 2 – 3 persons: THB 1,500.- / adult, THB 1,300.- / child (max. height 130cm).

For 4 persons or more: THB 950.- / adult, THB 750.- / child (max. height 130cm).


Contact our reception to make a reservation

*Prices are inclusive of round trip transportation to the reserve, the National Reserve entrance fee, the 4-wheel drive rental, and a gratuity for the park rangers

*Mini van and private car transportation price is round-trip and inclusive of 2 hours waiting time. Additional waiting time is charged at THB 200.- / hour.

*Minimum 2 persons