Muay Thai Camp with 301 Muay Thai Gym

Learn the famous martial art with pros

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Muay Thai or Thai boxing is an internationally recognised and practiced sport that originates in South East Asia and similar martial art forms are practices in Myanmar, India, Cambodia, Laos and Malaysia.

Learn the basic of the “art of eight limbs” that combines the uses of fists, elbows, knees, and shins in combat.

Our Muay Thai partner, 301 Gym, operates a Muay Thai camp only 10 minutes away by bicycle.

The gym offers private classes for all levels of Muay Thai practices by experienced trainers, including children from 6 years old and above.

Dolphin Bay offers Muay Thai packages that includes accommodation, breakfast, Muay Thai private classes, Thai massages and use of bicycle. Find out more here.

Muay Thai private class is THB 800.- / person / hour bookable and charged at the resort.


Contact our reception to make a reservation.

*Dolphin Bay is not responsible for any injuries or damages caused by use of bicycle or Muay Thai classes.

* Muay Thai private classes is bookable only through the resort and not directly at the gym.

* Classes are subjected to advance booking and availability of the teachers.