Sai Cave and Kaew Cave

Adventure in Sam Roi Yot Caves


Sai Cave (Banyan Tree Cave) and Kaeo Cave (Crystal Cave) are small caves in Sam Roi Yot National Park area. The caves only have one hall in each of them which showcase beautiful stalactites and stalagmites.

The two caves are both situated in Sam Roi Yot National Park and are approximately 9.7 kilometers away from each other.

The hike up to the caves are steeper and more challenging than Phraya Nakorn cave hike. Visiting guests must be in fit physical condition, wear proper footwears such as non-slippery running shoes or hiking shoes. Make sure you visit the caves in a group with the national park guide and bring along sufficient lighting such as a hurricane lamp or strong flashlight.

Round trip starts at THB 700.- to visit one cave, add THB 200 to visit both caves.
Park entrance: THB 200.- / adult and THB 100.- / child


Contact our reception to make a reservation.

*Mini van and pickup truck transportation price is round-trip and inclusive of 3 hours waiting time. Additional waiting time is charged at THB 200.- / hour.

* Not suitable for young children and elderly

*Dolphin Bay Resort is not responsible for any injuries or damages to properties during this activity